Additive Manufacturing(AM), more commonly known as 3D-printing, is a technology whereby materials (such as polymers, metals, concrete) are joined layer upon layer to produce end-use parts from 3D model data. AM offers many advantages towards design freedom, customized product manufacturing with light-weight features and more complex geometries comparing to parts produced via conventional technologies. The AM-process comprises not only the printing process, but also the development of suited AM-materials and tools for Design of AM.

Post treatments, as Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) and surface finishing can improve the AM-end product properties (such as higher density, increased fatigue resistance).


The STREAM consortium consists of industrial partners from different segments of the AM value chain: material producers, AM-technology companies, software developers, companies with post-processing & funtionalisation expertise and end-users of different market segments (aerospace, medical, PVC-products). The latter are very important to define the required AM – end product features.

All knowledge centers in Flanders with scientific and technological expertise concerning Additive Manufacturing are involved in the STREAM-consortium to strenghten the knowledge build-up in the AM-project consortia together with industrial partners.



Name Start date Duration Status
FLAMINCO (ICON) 01/10/2017 36 months Ended
Polyforce (SBO) 01/07/2013 48 months Ended
ALMA (ICON) 01/11/2018 30 months Running
Prodensia (ICON) 01/04/2013 36 months Ended
METAMOULD 01/12/2020 36 months Running
Expamet (ICON) 01/07/2013 24 months Ended
GreenAM 01/01/2021 36 months Running
A_STREAM_AFO (ICON) 01/12/2014 42 months Ended
WAVE (ICON) 01/09/2015 24 months Ended

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