A very interesting group of innovative and smart materials are the so-called self-healing materials, which have the ability to heal damage autonomously.

Although there are few applications in the market today, it is expected that applications of the self-healing concept will show up in all industries. Think for instance about scratches on your smart phone screen that heal by themselves, cracks in a concrete bridge that fill with a self-healing substance to prevent water from entering, scratches in the lacquer of cars, etc.

With the vertical research program SHE, Flanders is taking a leading position in this fast developing area and emerging markets.

The program focuses on three different material classes:

  • cementitious and mineral building materials: projects SECEMIN, SHEcon, ISHECO and iSAP
  • thermoset polymers and composites: projects SEPOCOM and PUrePAIR
  • Novel active protection systems on metals: projects NAPROM, SHREC and ISHECO


The image below shows the interdependence of the different projects in the program:



Name Start date Duration Status
PUrePAIR (ICON) 01/09/2011 36 months Ended
SECEMIN (SBO) 01/10/2010 48 months Ended
SHREC (ICON) 01/11/2012 36 months Ended
SEPOCOM (SBO) 01/10/2010 48 months Ended
iSAP (ICON) 01/02/2018 36 months Running
NAPROM (SBO) 01/03/2011 48 months Ended
ISHECO (SBO) 01/07/2014 48 months Ended
SHEcon (ICON) 01/09/2011 36 months Ended

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