NANOFORCE is short for "next generation nano-engineered polymer hybrids".

The vertical research program Nanoforce is all about light weight structural composites. The first focus of the program was on multifunctional composites combining a polymer matrix with steel reinforcement or combining a polymer matrix with Carbon NanoTube (CNT) reinforcement.

Since 2014, the scope was broadened towards other types of reinforcing fibers (glass fiber, carbon fiber and natural fibers like flax) and a broader range of polymer matrices. Also different combinations of reinforcing fibers and polymer matrix materials, to combine the advantages of the different materials, are being considered.

The overall goal of the program is to develop composite materials that can result in lower energy use, increased durability and improved recyclability.

The Nanoforce Consortium is well-balanced, combining both industrial interest in composites and academic expertise in Flanders. The Program was coordinated by Bekaert until end of 2015. Jan Sijnave from ABV took over the Program Manager role on 1 January 2016.

Together, the Consortium wants to:

  • Explore novel strong and light weight polymer-steel hybrids by modification and characterization of the steel reinforcing fibers and the polymer matrix.
  • Explore multi-level modeling to support this material development, predict application-specific design and optimize material durability and recyclability
  • Explore new combinations of technologies and materials combining different types of fibers and polymers.
  • Research a new production technology for aligned carbon nanotube bundles.

For information about the ongoing and finished projects, please consult the project pages or see the overview below.


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Name Start date Duration Status
ProUD 01/11/2020 36 months Running
Nonwoven (ICON) 01/09/2015 28 months Ended
NaPoS (SBO) 01/10/2010 52 months Ended
PET2VALUE 01/01/2021 36 months Running
T4G (ICON) 01/12/2016 24 +6 months Ended
MLM (SBO) 01/10/2010 52 months Ended
HYTHEC (ICON) 01/02/2017 24 +6 months Ended
aligned CNT bundles (SBO) 01/10/2010 60 months Ended
RELFICOM (SBO) 01/01/2018 48 months Running
ModelSteelComp (ICON) 01/10/2011 40 months Ended
OPTIVAS (ICON) 01/08/2020 36 months Running
FlaxPreComp (ICON) 01/10/2014 30 months Ended

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