The program MaRes is about recycling of ‘Materials from solid and liquid industrial process Residues’, and aims at creating and demonstrating an operational, flexible toolbox to recover metals and valorize residual matrix into building materials.

The increasing demand for raw materials, their price of e.g. rare-earth elements, the production concentration in e.g. Asia and Africa confront Flanders with a number of challenges along the entire raw materials value chain. MaRes will target lower-concentrated, secondary resources like metallurgical slags, bottom ashes, fly ashes and slags from thermal treatment processes, industrial by-products such as bauxite residue, goethite, phosphogypsum and aqueous waste streams from metallurgical and thermal treatment processes.

MaRes aims at creating and demonstrating a toolbox different concentration, extraction and valorization technologies:

MaRes is driven by industrial demand, guided by EU and Flemish policy and exploiting science. Room is left for additional companies and scientific competences for the valorisation of other material types as well as for the deployment of eco-design and business models to enhance residue valorization:

MaRes brings together various industrial stakeholders (Umicore, Nyrstar, Marlux/VVM/CRH, RecMix, Prefaco, Indaver, Trevi and Bekaert) and three knowledge institutes (KU Leuven, UGent and VITO) representing the full value chain from End-of-Life (EoL) product recycling and residue production, to preprocessing, water treatment and metal recovery, to mineral valorisation of new materials.

There is a link with the activities in the EIT Raw Materials, as part of the MaRes partners are also active in this large European network that aims to boost competitiveness, growth and attractiveness of the European raw materials sector. See EIT Raw Materials website for more information.


Name Start date Duration Status
GHRANTE 01/03/2018 48 months Running
SUPERMEX (ICON) 01/09/2015 30 months Ended
TOGETHER (ICON) 01/02/2019 36 months Running
ASH-CEM (ICON) 01/01/2016 36+6 months Ended
STIF (ICON) 01/01/2020 36 months Running
Get-A-Met (SBO) 01/02/2016 48 months Ended
SMART (SBO) 01/03/2017 36 months Ended
DUSC (ICON) 01/09/2018 36 months Running

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