The HINTS program has as ultimate goal to establish a knowledge base for intelligent design of functional polymer-based composites to accelerate future composite developments. The primary focus is on the interfaces between the functional elements (fibers, microcapsules, wires, etc.) and the polymer matrix.

SIM Flanders

The program builds on three solid pillars to reach its ultimate goal: three sets of tools that will be developed in close collaboration between the project partners:

  • Highly advanced material characterization: both at the electron microscopy center at University of Antwerp and the surface analysis group at VUBrussels.
  • Predictive multiscale modeling at KULeuven (SCRG: Scientific Computation Research Group, and LMCC: Mathematical modeling and computational science) and at University of Antwerp (PLASMANT/CMT: atomistic modeling and condensed matter theory)
  • High throughput experimentation/model validation at Flamac

Material model systems will be developed and prepared by the UGent Polymer Chemistry Research group and the UGent Mechanics of Materials and Structures group.

The output of the HINTS program should support and accelerate the developments in the vertical SIM programs.




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