Call 11 - "Recyclable Materials"


This call aimed at submitting vertical programs proposals within the SIM Theme “Recyclable Materials”.
Vertical programs are demand driven programs, lead by industry, focusing on a specific long term target and contributing to the strategic goals of SIM.

General information about SIM research programs and how to submit a program proposal can be found in the Guide for Applicants Vertical Programs. For more information regarding the SIM theme Recyclable Materials, we refer to the SIM Theme Report Recyclable Materials. Template for program proposals and Letter of Intents can be found in the box “In Need of Documents”.

Program consortia are expected to ask for an instruction meeting with SIM to discuss the proposal before submission. Latest date for request of such a meeting needs to take into account a minimum notice of 2 weeks.

Eligibility criteria:
  • The proposal is submitted in electronic form to before the deadline. The acknowledgement of receipt will be used as proof.
  • The proposal is complete.
  • The program goals fit with the SIM vertical theme “Recyclable Materials”.
  • The program proposal announces at least 2 projects, of which at least one IBO project (ICON , O&O or Cooperatief-PLUS project) to be submitted in a later Project Call.
  • Minimum  number of participants:
  • At program level at least 2 knowledge centers and 3 companies, of which 1 SME, involved.
    • SIM SBO project: at least 2 knowledge centers involved.
    • SIM O&O project: at least 2 companies involved.
    • SIM ICON project: at least 3 companies and at least 1 knowledge center involved; industrial budget is at least 50% of the total budget.
    • SIM Cooperatief PLUS project:
      • at least 3 companies, of which 1 SME and at least 1 knowledge center involved
      • logical and sufficient spread of the industrial budget (no partner with > 70% of the industrial budget) at least 30% of the budget to the research partners.

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