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From budget year 2020 onwards, all SIM projects will be filed electronically. This has an impact on the filing procedure which is in a transition phase. Please inform SIM of the project idea before starting to work out any detailed proposal.
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SIM Open Call 2021 Project call

15/09/2021 - Closing in 291d 2h

Ira-SME oproep staat open tot 26 maart 2020 Project call

26/03/2020 - Closing in -247d 3h

BEL-SME Oproep 2020 staat open tot 27 maart 2020 Project call

27/03/2020 - Closing in -246d 3h

29ste CORNET Oproep staat open tot 25 maart 2020 Project call

25/03/2020 - Closing in -248d 3h