SIM serves many different market segments, each of which may have their own specific needs, targets and boundary conditions. To serve these in the best possible way, we are hosting so-called SIG’s (Special Interest Groups) as listed below.

Within each SIG, networking is a key element and the focus is more on the market than on technology development in itself.


As an independent not-for-profit platform, Flam3D exists for all stakeholders active in the domain of 3D-printing. Flam3D unites, represents and supports companies, research institutions, governments and stakeholders.

Flam3D is looking to strengthen value chains, both inside and outside the organization. The platform is open for companies and organizations interested in 3D-printing and Additive Manufacturing applications. Within their network, Flam3D will always find relevant contacts to help you with your 3D challenge. This page gives an overview of their main activities.

Composites Cluster

Composites Cluster is a Flanders based non-profit platform on composite technology. The cluster represents the interests of all parties involved in the development, manufacture, maintenance and reuse of composite based materials and products. The goal of the Composites Cluster is to promote all aspects of composite technology and to facilitate and support the creation of new research projects and value chains.

In sum, Composites Cluster is adding value by uniting organisations active in composite technology.

Flanders Metals Valley (FMV)

Flanders Metals Valley is a catalyst for a vibrant, climate-neutral and circular metallurgical cluster in Flanders, which is dynamically embedded in an international industrial ecosystem. From an engaging vision of the future, Flanders Metals Valley stimulates enthusiastic education and groundbreaking research in the field of sustainable metallurgy.

As material development traditionally requires a very long time span between idea and market uptake, Flamac has been founded by SIM to drastically accelerate development as time-to-market is key.


As world-class competence centre, excelling at customised high-throughput experimentation, Flamac is your research partner in accelerating your materials R&D. Flamac leverages unique expertise and versatile high-throughput experimentation platforms to screen new materials and chemical products highly efficiently. These include automated synthesis, formulation, application and characterisation platforms, boosting new product development and shortening time-to-market considerably.

Flamac offers its collaborative services either through multi-disciplinary research programs between industries, universities and research centres, or through bilateral contract research. Starting from a thorough understanding of their customers’ needs, they are serving a wide variety of application areas across different industries.