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Started: 01/07/2014
Status: Closed SIM Program
Program manager: José Spinnewyn (SIM)


Knowledge institutions: KULeuven, UAntwerpen, UGent, VITO, VUB

Tools for RAtional Processing of nanoparticle based materials

TRAP: a horizontal program aimed at strengthening the scientific base for the rational processing of nanomaterials and creating technology platforms.


The scientific and technological objective of this program stems from the observation that clear bottlenecks exist when processing nanoparticle based materials. Even when starting from well-defined and stable nanoparticle suspensions in a suspending medium, ensuring adequate dispersion during processing in a more complex formulation or polymeric matrix, or structure control during the formation of a coating or a deposit is often not possible. These problems become even worse when starting from dry (nano)particles, which need to be functionalized, wetted, dispersed and deposited.

Therefore there is a need for multidisciplinary know-how and manufacturing expertise to prepare, formulate and integrate nano- and micromaterials into future systems or products.

TRAP project



INSITU is about methodologies for characterizing nanoparticle suspensions during processing. The goals? 1) A tool to characterize the state of dispersion in a polymeric matrices and in high concentrations during processing, 2) assessing the energy efficiency of in-line dispersing methods and 3) characterization tools for thin films or deposits during a drying/coating/sintering operation.


FUNC is about ‘dry’ nano-functionalization of particles and fibrous materials via atmospheric plasma technology and atomic layer deposition. Powders with different size, shape, chemical composition and degree of porosity will be tested to develop a toolbox enabling the application of chemical groups or nm-thin coatings on the surface of the particles to improve the process-ability or add extra functionalities.

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