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Started: 01/04/2013
Status: Closed SIM Program
Program manager: Griet De Winter


Knowledge institutions: Flamac, IMEC, KULeuven, UAntwerpen, UGent, VUB

H-INT-S: Hard – INTerface – Soft

The H-INT-S SIBO program "Looking at soft/hard matter composites" is aimed at establishing a knowledge base for an intelligent design of functional polymer-based composites with a primary focus on the key importance of the interfaces between the functional elements and the polymeric matrix.

The scientific objective of H-INT-S is to obtain know-how and methodologies aimed at understanding the physical mechanisms and properties originating from interfaces in complex, multi-component polymer-based composites.

Targets of the consortium:

  • develop a set of analytical tools for quantitative nanoscale characterization of polymer based composite materials with particular focus on the interfaces in composites, their structure and properties (mechanical, optical and electronic);
  • develop a versatile and predictive simulation platform, allowing detailed multiscale modeling of the behavior of polymer-based nanocomposites at reasonable computational cost by maximally exploiting space- and time-scale separation and high-performance computing;
  • develop high-throughput methodologies aimed at validating and improving the prediction reliability by emphasizing the interplay between modeling and experiment.



InterPoCo will lay the foundations for the H-INT-S program by taking a detailed look at the interface in steel fiber composites and self-healing capsules in polymer matrices. This detailed look involves novel material characterization techniques, a multiscale model of the soft/hard matter interface and screening of the materials using high-throughput technology to support and validate the modeling work.

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