General information

ICON project 
Started: 01/01/2020, Duration: 36 months
Status: Running
Program: MARES
Project contact: Stefan Van Raemdonck (Moss Composites)

STIF: Stiff Impact and Fire resistant thin composites

This research project aims at the development of a composite material with an inorganic cementitious matrix and textile/fiber reinforcement capable of resisting impact and/or high temperatures. For the matrix, alkali or acid activated KORANEL® modified slag and other residual materials will be used. Fibers will be treated for better compatibility with the matrix. Possible future production of structurally loaded composite parts on the base of prepregs will also be studied. An extra benefit of these inorganic matrices, next to fire safety, is that they cost about 10 times less than epoxies and can be cured at lower temperatures like 60°C, saving energy.

To support the above targets, the ICON project will develop special purpose measurement equipment allowing for mechanical characterization of orthotropic test plates of the new composite material in a temperature interval -40° to 1350°C.

Find out more about developments within the STIF project and SIM's role in a VUB video by clicking this link. Please note that the video is spoken in Dutch.

This project is part of:

The MaRes Program is about recycling of ‘Materials from solid and liquid industrial process Residues’, and aims at creating and demonstrating an operational, flexible toolbox to recover metals and valorize residual matrix into building materials.

General information

Started: 01/09/2015
Program manager: José Spinnewyn (SIM)