General information

ICON project
Started: 01/11/2012, Duration: 36 months
Status: Ended
Program: SHE
Project contact: Dirk Bontinck (Allnex)


Industry: Allnex, ArcelorMittal, Devan ChemicalsNV Bekaert SA

Knowledge institutions: Flamac, UGent, VUB

SHREC is short for Self-HEaling and REpairing Coatings

The SHREC project looked into the concept of self-healing for coatings both for micro-scratches and for macro-scratches. Micro-scratches are healed using incorporation of microcapsules with a self-healing compound. Macro-scratches are tackled by use of a shape-memory thermoplastic coating system.

Challenges were:

  • Very small size of microcapsules in coatings
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of coating systems and substrates

This project was linked with the SEPOCOM SBO project and the NAPROM SBO project within the SHE program context.

This project is part of:

Self-healing engineering materials: cementitious, polymeric and coating materials with the ability to heal damage autonomously.

General information

Started: 01/10/2010
Program manager: Griet Van Cauwenberghe