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COOCK project
Started: 01/03/2020, Duration: 24 months
Status: Ended
Project contact: Jean-Marc Timmermans (Agoria)


Industry: no company parnters in part A. Companies in the steering committee:

Knowledge institutions: Sirris, VIL, VITO, VUB

Recycling and Remanufacturing of Li-ion batteries from end of life electric Vehicles

In this project Re2LiVe, Sirris, VIL, VITO and VUB are investigating how Flemish companies can seize the opportunities in the growing market of used lithium-ion batteries from hybrid and electric vehicles. Spearhead clusters Flux50 and SIM and the federation for the technology industry Agoria, are acting as supporting partners.

The recycling of such batteries poses a number of challenges, but also offers opportunities for Flemish industry and logistics.


Context and scope

This project aims to investigate the entire value chain of automotive battery recycling (rechargeable Lithium-ion) and stationary energy storage applications from an economic, technical, operational and societal cost-benefit perspective.

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Understanding this requires research on the linking of different steps of the value chain of battery recycling (logistics, dismantling, possible reuse and recycling) and on the technical potential as well as the economic feasibility to fulfil these. This research results in an overview of the feasibility, feasibility and competitive desirability of both the different components in the value chain and the entire value chain of battery recycling.

Four components (logistics, process & automation, recycling and second life applications) are foreseen to fill in the value chain of end-of-life batteries. By identifying business opportunities for each of these components (taking into account economic, policy, social and technical factors), a heterogeneous group of companies is addressed. These are enabled to assess the feasibility of the entire value chain, as well as to explore opportunities in terms of their own position and relationships with other companies.

For more information visit the Re2live website.

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General information

Theme: Intercluster
Started: 01/07/2017
Program manager: Guido Verhoeven (SIM)