General information

ICON project
Started: 01/11/2020, Duration: 36 months
Status: Running
Project contact: Jonas Van Damme (Sioen)

“Unidirectional tape and tow based preassemblies for hybrid processes”

In the ProUD ICON-project, the research focus lays on micro-reinforced thermoplastic unidirectional tapes and tow prepegs for use as local reinforcing material in window profiles, thermoplastic beer crates and palettes. Sioen will develop glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic unidirectional tapes, by further knowledge build-up on micro-reinforcement of C-reinforced tapes from the T4G-project. Deceuninck will overextrude these glass fiber reinforced PVC-tapes into PVC window profiles, whereby the tapes will be incorporated as local reinforcements (instead of corrosion sensitive steel bars) on the weakest parts of the window profile. This allows the use of less reinforcement material and the design of more complex profiles that will comply with the increasingly stringent insulation norms. DW Reusables will overmould the micro-reinforced thermoplastic tapes and more complex structures derived thereof into thermoplastic crates and palettes in order to increase the reusability factor and the staple height in the warehouses, resulting in more circular materials.

KU Leuven, as a basic research partner, will build-up new knowledge on tape processing, automation and modelling in support of the company developments. Sirris, as a research partner, will develop new processing lines for the tow prepeg production and the hybrid processes (overextrusion, overmoulding) and will support the companies by the implementation of these processing techniques.

This project is part of:

Next generation nano-engineered polymer hybrids: developing structural composite materials with increased durability, improved recyclability and low weight.

General information

Started: 01/10/2010
Theme: Durable & Sustainable Structural Materials
Program manager: Griet Van Cauwenberghe