General information

SBO project
Started: 01/03/2011, Duration: 48 months
Status: Ended
Program: SHE
Project contact: Herman Terryn (VUB)


Knowledge institutions: Flamac, UAntwerpen, UGent, VUB

NAPROM is short for Novel Active PRotection systems on Metals

The objective of the SBO project NAPROM was to develop novel active corrosion protection coatings for metals utilizing self-healing organic coatings and corrosion inhibitors, to increase coating life-time and improve active corrosion protection. Key research topics were:

  • Self-healing polymers and supramolecular materials
  • Corrosion inhibitors and incorporation methods
  • Development of combined active corrosion protection coatings
  • Accelerated testing methods for lifetime prediction.

The NAPROM SBO project was linked to both the ISHECO project (SBO) and the SHREC project (ICON).


This project is part of:

Self-healing engineering materials: cementitious, polymeric and coating materials with the ability to heal damage autonomously.

General information

Started: 01/10/2010
Program manager: Griet Van Cauwenberghe