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COOCK project
Started: 01/04/2019
Status: Ended
Program: Related projects
Project contact: Jens Conderaerts (BIL)

Galvanic Corrosion in Multi-material Joints

Did you already had to deal with galvanic corrosion?

When two different materials come into contact with each other, the least noble material will undergo accelerated degradation in an aggressive environment. This phenomenon is called galvanic corrosion. In the figure below, you can see for example an accelerated degradation of the aluminium that is joined to a copper tube.

Different solutions are available to prevent galvanic corrosion, but depending on the application and specific requirements with regard to the components, not all solutions are functional.

The aim of this COOCK project is to improve companies' knowledge of the risks of, and possible solutions to, galvanic corrosion at multi-metal compounds (mainly metals). The project was started in 2019 with an extensive user group that is situated in various sectors: companies in the transport sector and in metal construction and manufacturing companies that produce appliances or utensils for aggressive environments (for example, offshore).

More detailed information on this project, can be found on the website of BIL.

galvanische corrosie
Courtesy of BIL
galvanische corrosie: aluminium-koper
Courtesy of BIL

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