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ICON project
Started: 01/01/2022, Duration: 36 months
Status: Running
Project contact: Chris Blommaert (Parkwind)

CTO - Circular Transition in Offshore Wind

The CTO project focuses on the End of Life (EoL) challenge in offshore wind energy and on improving the sustainability of offshore wind energy throughout its life cycle. The project consists of five work packages:

  • Identification of potential offshore wind energy value chain scenarios and selection of three scenario sets, being a) a baseline scenario; b) a scenario set with varying offshore operations and; c) a scenario set with varying material compositions of the wind farms.
  • Analysis of the different offshore operations (installation, maintenance and dismantling) and further prioritisation of one or two scenarios with varying offshore operations
  • Analysis of the material composition and onshore operations (material extraction, production and EoL) and further prioritisation of one or two scenarios with varying material compositions
CTO project
  • Prospective sustainability analysis of the selected scenarios, combining a material flow analysis with an LCSA (Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment) method, suitable for both current and future offshore wind technologies
  • Conclusions and recommendations that can internalise a life cycle and sustainability perspective in the development of future offshore wind farms.

The project was submitted with the support of De Blauwe Cluster and SIM.

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General information

Theme: Intercluster
Started: 01/07/2017
Program manager: Guido Verhoeven (SIM)