General information

ICON project
Started: 01/03/2018
Status: Ended
Program: Projects InterCluster
Project contact: Jens Conderaerts (BIL)

Corrosion resistance of stainless steel after post-treatment after welding

Project goals

The objective is to arrive at a ranking of the most suitable cleaning techniques for specific applications.

Importance of this research for metal machining (welding) companies:

  • Depending on the application, the best post-treatment can be selected > optimisation of resources.
  • Work procedures can be adjusted if fewer hazardous chemicals need to be used after welding > reducing health and safety risks.

Importance of this research for chemical companies:

  • Alternative post-treatment techniques can be accepted when specifying the welding work > reducing health and safety risks.
  • If cleaning does not represent a significant added value for some less corrosive conditions > avoid the cleaning step.

More info on the project can be found on this webpage.

CORONA project

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Projects intercluster

Projects Intercluster

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General information

Theme: Intercluster
Started: 01/07/2017
Program manager: Guido Verhoeven (SIM)