General information

ICON project
Started: 01/04/2018
Status: Ended
Project contact: Kurt Beghyn (Sirris)


- A journey towards optimized valorization of ferrous-based scrap -

Metal, and ferrous metals in particular, are rightly seen as one of the best recycled and recyclable materials. But there is room for a next step. Today, ferrous metals are widely collected and reintroduced into the material cycle, but with still too little attention to proper selective recycling and reuse.

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This project is part of:

Projects in the transition domains

Projects in the transition domains

Projects framing in one of the Flemish transition priorities Circular Economy, Industry 4.0 or Energy.

General information

Theme: Transition domains
Started: 01/01/2018
Program manager: Guido Verhoeven (SIM)