General information

ICON project
Started: 01/01/2016, Duration: 36+6 months
Status: Ended
Program: MARES
Project contact: Stijn Matthys (UGent)


Industry: CRHIndaverOrbix

Knowledge institutions: UGentVITO

ASH-CEM: Novel Cements & Building Materials from Incineration Ashes

ASH-CEM targets the development of new cement based and carbonation based binders making use of processed incineration ash from MSWI (Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators) plants, in order to give them a useful destination and avoid landfilling. These novel binders will be used in prefabricated and ready mix concrete for reinforced concrete structural applications when cement based, and unreinforced press manufactured pavement (or similar) products when carbonation based.

The project is situated in the SIM program MaReS, “Materials from Solid and Liquid Industrial Process Residues”.

Find out more about the ASH-CEM project in the closing video of the closing event:

This project is part of:

The MaRes Program is about recycling of ‘Materials from solid and liquid industrial process Residues’, and aims at creating and demonstrating an operational, flexible toolbox to recover metals and valorize residual matrix into building materials.

General information

Started: 01/09/2015
Program manager: José Spinnewyn (SIM)