General information

SBO project
Started: 01/07/2012, Duration: 42 months
Status: Ended
Program: SOPPOM +
Project contact: Guido Huyberechts (Flamac)


Knowledge institutions: Flamac, IMEC, UGent

A fully printed solar cell requires optimization and large volume production of different precursors, related to each layer in the stack. The SBO project "APSYNC" has the following high-level objectives:

(1) Production (10g/day) of CIGS, Quantum Dots and Transparent Conductive Oxide nanocrystals by developing a platform of parallel automated batch reactors

(2) High-throughput screening of reaction chemistry – nanocrystal property relations for these three types of materials

(3) Developing concepts for active synthesis steering in the developed batch reactors

The APSYNC project has interactions with all three other SBO projects "absCIGS", "weTCOat" and "PhyCIGS", as well as the ICON projects "OPvTech" and "CIGStack".

This project is part of:

Solution based processing for printed functionalities.

General information

Started: 01/10/2010
Program manager: Guido Desie (Agfa)