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ICON project
Started: 01/03/2014, Duration: 36 months
Status: Ended
Program: M3
Project contact: Tom Craeghs (Materialise)


Industry: MaterialiseSiemens Industry Software NV

Knowledge institutions: UGent

AMCAE stands for “basic mechanical properties simulation of additive manufacturing lightweight materials through CAE”

The goal of AMCAE is to investigate methodologies for predictive simulation of parts made with Additive Manufacturing techniques. The simulation must allow predicting the mechanical behaviour (stiffness and strength) of parts which incorporate lightweight structures, such as lattice structures.

Concrete project objectives are:

  • Prediction of anistropic stiffness and strength properties of AM parts incorporating lattice structures, taking into account their correct geometry and build direction.
  • To investigate design strategies for lattice structures which allow local variation of lattice structure properties.
  • The feasibility of the design optimization should be demonstrated, meaning that it is possible to generate a CAD-model of the AM part, do a first simulation of a static load case, based on the distribution of stresses do a robust topology optimization, and feed back the final model to the CAD software. In this stage, the topology optimization will only eliminate redundant lattices in the structures.

This project is part of:

MacroModelMat: Macro-level predictive modeling, design and optimization of advanced light weight material systems.

General information