General information

SBO project
Started: 01/10/2010, Duration: 60 months
Status: Ended
Project contact: Maria Seo (KULeuven)


Knowledge institutions: KU LeuvenUAntwerpen

The aim of this SBO project was the development of the basic science and processing concepts for making aligned carbon nanotube bundles (aCNTb's).

These aCNTb’s should have comparable stiffness as carbon fibers and a higher toughness. The new processing concepts should avoid some of the drawbacks of existing CNT processes.

The bundles can become a next generation reinforcement for composites combining the advantages of steel and carbon: high stiffness, high toughness and low weight.

To achieve this, an improved Chemical Vapor Deposition process is being developed (patents pending). The materials are characterized with state of the art methods including high resolution TEM imaging and elemental analysis in 3D.

Mert Kurttepeli from University of Antwerp did his PhD research in this project and obtained his doctoral degree in December 2015.


This project is part of:

Next generation nano-engineered polymer hybrids: developing structural composite materials with increased durability, improved recyclability and low weight.

General information

Started: 01/10/2010
Theme: Durable & Sustainable Structural Materials
Program manager: Griet Van Cauwenberghe