OPEN CALLS - both from SIM and other parties

Any call that is interesting for you?

Please inform SIM of the project idea before starting to work out any detailed proposal.

ICON call 2023

The United Nations aim to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050 as part of their Sustainable Development Goals. As the energy sector is responsible for around 75% of the GHG emissions, there is a surging need for transition to renewable energy sources.


The SIM Open Call 2023 is now open for proposals fitting within running SIM programs and for projects contributing to material-related solutions for societal challenges. Project proposals submitted before May 15th, 2023, have the guarantee to be evaluated and supported on the 2023 budget.

M-ERA.NET call 2023

M-ERA.NET supports ambitious, transnational R&D projects on materials innovation. A new M-ERA.NET call 2023 is now open with the deadlines: 16 May 2023, 12.00 noon for the pre-proposal and 21 November 2023, 12.00 noon for the full-proposal. More information and links to relevant documents can be found in this call.


Eureka open call picture
The Eureka call is open from 25 January until 25 April 2023. By participating in this call, Flanders wants to encourage companies to carry out lightweight innovation development projects with partners from the participating regions. The maximum subsidy amount for the Flemish project component is a maximum of €500,000.

Ira-SME CALL 2023

Ira-SME Call picture
The 31st Ira-SME call is open. Project proposals can be submitted until 29 March 2023; the call for proposals closes at 12 noon (CET). Ira-SME strengthens the competitiveness of European SMEs. Flanders is participating in this call. More information on the program and the required documents can be found on the website.


32nd cornet call
The 35th CORNET call is now open. Project proposals can be submitted until 29 March 2023; the call for proposals closes at 12 noon (CET). Only completed proposals including all annexes and submitted within the set deadline via the Submission Tool will be evaluated. More information on CORNET can be found on its webpage.



Time to market for new and innovative materials can be anywhere up to 15 years. That is a very long time to bridge and financially risky for one single company or a company solely financed privately.

SIM wants to bridge the gap between basic and applied materials research towards industrial development and market by R&D funding that is demand driven and in need of additional scientific understanding. Our mission: strengthen the Flemish materials industry with technology platforms via combined industrial and academic consortia.



Materials Innovation funding by SIM combines governmental and privately funded R&D as the R&D is carried out by a mixed consortia of knowledge centres and industrial partners.


Any Flanders based organization that adds value in a program or project, can participate: companies, universities, or research institutes.

A program consortium should have a certain critical mass to be able to build up a research platform and implement the industrial roadmap of the program

What types of organizations can participate in which type of project?

  • SBO ("Strategisch Basis Onderzoek" or Strategic Basic Research): Execution by research institutes only. Companies are needed to participate in the industrial advisory board.
  • ICON ("Industrieel Cooperatief ONderzoek" or Industrial Cooperative REsearch): Companies and research institutes in a well-balanced consortium.
  • O&O ("Onderzoek en Ontwikkeling" or Research and Development): Mainly companies with limited role for the research institutes.
  • Feasibility study: Mainly companies with limited role for the research institutes. The main applicant is a company.
  • COOCK (“Collectief Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling en Collectieve Kennisverspreiding” or Collective Research & Development and Collective Knowledge Dissemination): A COOCK project can only be applied for by (a) Flemish research institute(s) and requires an industrial advisory board with a minimum amount (market segment) of representative companies. 


You have an idea for a new development or a need for knowledge in the materials domain? Contact us!

We listen to your ideas and give our advice on how to proceed. This can include:

  • Contacts for possible parties in the consortium (research groups and companies);
  • Questions and tips related to the roadmap and the valorisation that could be obtained with the program results;
  • Which parts of the idea to further elaborate;
  • Information about the aspects that are important for evaluating a program proposal by external experts;
  • Advice on timing and budget;
  • Possible synergies with ongoing research in Flanders within or outside the context of SIM.

It could also be that your idea fits in an existing program: SIM will then refer you to the relevant program manager for further discussion.

More info on how we proceed can be found here.