Unveiling the Highlights of the SIM Materials Forum 2023

Unveiling the Highlights of the SIM Materials Forum 2023

A Hub of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange during Advanced Engineering

The SIM Materials Forum 2023 held at the Antwerp Expo was a resounding success, bringing together professionals and enthusiasts from the materials community in Flanders and beyond. This annual event, organized by Strategic Initiative Materials (SIM), aimed to foster knowledge exchange, provide updates on ongoing projects, and showcase material innovations. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this remarkable forum.

The day commenced with two captivating keynote speeches. Geert Noels and Kristof Eggermont from Econopolis delivered their thought-provoking talk titled “Climate Shock,” which focused on 20 solutions for the government, companies, and citizens in Belgium. Their insights shed light on the crucial role materials play in addressing climate challenges. Kamila Slupek from Eurometaux followed with her keynote speech, delving deeper into the challenges faced around “metals for clean energy: Pathways to solving Europe’s raw materials challenge”. These stimulating talks set the stage for the exciting discussions that would follow.

Following the keynotes, the event featured eight additional experts who shared their visions and latest innovations within two thematic areas: Climate & Energy and Digitalisation for Sustainability. Attendees had the privilege to choose from a variety of speakers, ensuring a diverse range of insights and perspectives. These engaging sessions provided valuable knowledge and inspiration to all those interested in materials research and innovation.

Throughout the day, participants had the opportunity to explore the materials market, where they discovered the latest innovations in the field. This interactive marketplace allowed attendees to engage directly with industry representatives and gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge materials and technologies. Additionally, the poster session provided a platform for fruitful discussions between scientists, engineers and visitors, enabling them to exchange ideas, insights, and challenges.

Michele Vanini (KU Leuven) wins the Poster Award

One standout moment of the SIM Materials Forum 2023 was the recognition of exceptional work in the form of the Poster Award. Congratulations to the winner, Michele Vanini, who showcased his outstanding research: “Process parameters optimization of 2507 super duplex stainless steel produced by laser powder bed fusion: a modeling and experimental approach”. As part of the award, 5 students got the chance to speak about their work and insights to a varieted audience. The pitches showcased a comprehensive feature, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the materials community.

Moreover, the SIM Materials Forum was strategically held during the Advanced Engineering trade fair, which focused on the creation and production of innovative products. This synergy created a dynamic environment, attracting companies actively involved in the development of groundbreaking products, technologies, and electronics. The forum provided an ideal setting for networking and establishing valuable connections within the materials community.

For more information about the SIM Materials Forum, including the presentations and a full photo gallery, please visit the event website.