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VSC Cloud launch event

On May 20th, 2021, the Flemish Supercomputer Center (Vlaams Supercomputer Centrum – VSC) will organise a webinar to present their new Tier-1 Cloud component. During the Cloud Launch Event, the features and possibilities of the new Tier-1 Cloud component will be highlighted by showing two use cases that are already using the infrastructure. Practical information on how to apply for access to the new component will also be presented.

VSC is a partnership between the five Flemish universities and their university associations and is the high-performance research computing environment of Flanders. VSC bundles know-how in scientific and technical computing (including high performance computing, high throughput computing, cloud computing and data processing) in Flanders and provides services to researchers, industry and the government. The VSC is managed by the Research Fund – Flanders (FWO).

In May, VSC will present their new Tier-1 Cloud component during the webinar. The VSC Cloud component enables ‘on-demand’ resources in a flexible and cloud-like manner. VSC Cloud, based on OpenStack, provides Infrastructure as a Service capability for power users who can deploy resources such as virtual machines and storage systems and adapt these to their scientific use cases. The VSC Cloud component also offers a number of high-level services via a ready-to-use catalogue of templates that can be used to easily set up databases or web servers.

Want to learn more about the Tier-1 Cloud Component? Register for the webinar via this link. More info about the webinar program can be found here.