New project idea: Temperature and geometrical Shape simulation and validation for FFF printed Components

TeSCO project idea

Need for at least one company partner. Will you participate?

SIM received a new project idea “TeSCo”: “Temperature and geometrical Shape simulation and validation for FFF printed Components”. The key objective is to develop efficient and accurate simulation models of the 3D printing process of thermoplastic polymers materials and link the effect of part manufacturing to the final shape and quality of the part. The final goal is to have guidelines that help a designer choose the correct printing process for a certain design in order to print the desired part first-time right. The printing process used in TeSCo is FFF, Fused Filament Fabrication and both printing with standard and recycled filaments will be studied.

Interested in this project idea? You can find more information in this one pager. Target date for project submission at VLAIO: September 2nd.

There is still a need for at least 1 company partner. If you want more information on this project idea or you are interested in joining the project consortium, please contact Ann Witvrouw of KU Leuven:

The contact person at SIM is Nadine Van de Velde:

Please respond at the latest by July 31st, if you are interested in participating.