New project idea: ECO2Chape

Project idea: ECO2Chape

Will you participate?

SIM received a new project idea “ECO2Chape”. The project idea focuses on the development of an economically feasible, ecological, and circular screed by subjecting the concept of the classic sand-cement screed to the possibilities available today in light of the circular transition. A classic screed consists of river sand and Portland clinker cement. The extraction of river sands, coupled with the production process of Portland clinker cement and the transport of these raw materials, have a huge impact on our environment. To guarantee a sustainable future, efforts should be made to minimize the use of primary raw materials and reduce the CO2 footprint, as well as by using locally available products. Little research has been done on the “greening” of cement screed floors. Relevant research efforts are mainly limited to the (partial) replacement of sand by recycled aggregates. With the right selection of local (secondary) raw materials, in a suitable ratio, this project proposal aims for a circular screed that is at least as performant as the current classic sand-cement screed and to which additional advantages can be attributed that also contribute vastly to environmentally conscious construction and living.

Interested in this project idea? You can find more information in this one pager. Target date for project submission at VLAIO: September 2nd.

If you want more information on this project idea or you are interested in joining the project consortium, please contact Stijn Matthys:

The contact person at SIM is José Spinnewyn:

Please respond at the latest by July 31st, if you are interested in participating.