New project idea: Development of viable 3D printing methods for digital fabrication of geopolymer-based reinforced concrete

New project idea_concrete 3D Printing

3D printing with geopolymer concrete reinforced with advanced types of reinforcement responds to the dual challenges of low carbon structures manufactured in ways leading to immense levels of material efficiency which will become the solution meeting the needs and requirements of sustainable and economic construction. In this project, a new long-term line on additive manufacturing (AM) of geopolymer RC structures will be developed and examined, expected to be one of the most revolutionary and game-changing technologies in the construction industry of the 21st century. The project will advance on the additive manufacturing methods frontline for RC structures, investigate the structural behaviour of geopolymer additively manufactured RC members immensely expanding the field of structural application of 3D printing technique. Based on lab experiments and numerical models, the developed methods will be optimized, and added reliability level validated for future real-world applications. The proposed research has out-standing novelty (AM of RC has so far not been achieved) and great potential for subsequent valorisation allowing material efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly construction.

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