NAPOLY project announcement

NAPOLY project announcement
Intercluster cSBO (SIM-Catalisti)

Nanocrystal-in-polymer composites have extensive potential to enhance nanocrystal properties and functionalize polymers. However, to make full use of these opportunities, the chemical nanocrystal/polymer compatibility is insufficiently controlled. NAPOLY aims at establishing design rules for the homogeneous dispersion of nanoparticles in polymers by setting up a library of surface ligand/polymer matrix combinations that is inspired by two application cases: fast bonding/debonding-on-command of polymer-based adhesives and the formation of nanoparticle-in-resin composites with bespoke emission spectrum.

Scientifically, this project builds on knowledge developed by the PCN group of Ghent University in 2 projects (Qualidi and QDOCCO) within the SIM-SOPPOM program. 

Interested in this project? You can find more information in this pdf file.

Contact person for further explanation and for companies interested in joining the user group is prof. Zeger Hens:

Contact person for SIM: José Spinnewyn (, for Catalisti: Wannes Libbrecht (