Meet our new SIM colleague: Griet Van Cauwenberghe

SIM_Griet van Cauwenberghe

As of 1 April 2021, SIM welcomed Griet Van Cauwenberghe as its new program manager. Griet was already familiar with the SIM-activities. Since the start of SIM, she has been involved in the self-healing (SHE) program. In her role as subvention officer at her previous employer, she was appointed program manager of SHE for the industry. Within SIM, Griet will now coordinate, as program manager, the SIMBA battery program. The SIMBA program ‘Sustainable and Innovative Materials for BAtteries’ is defined in line with the European R&I Strategy Battery Energy Storage and integrates all segments along the battery value chain, from raw materials to end-of-life. The focus of the program is set on local cross-sectoral competences of materials development, characterization, modelling and sustainability assessments.

Furthermore, Griet, as program manager, will also resume the SHE program and test it with the industry. The SHE program focuses on self-healing materials: a very interesting group of innovative and smart materials with the ability to repair damage autonomously. Through different projects, the program focuses on three different material classes: cementitious and mineral building materials, thermoset polymers and composites, and novel active protection systems on metals.

“We are looking forward to working with Griet,” says Guido Verhoeven, General Manager of SIM. “A new colleague who already has affinity with SIM and its activities is an advantage. From working with her in her previous position, we know Griet as someone who works tactfully, patiently, and yet decisively. Qualities that will undoubtedly help her to carry out her role as program manager correctly. Griet is equally excited about her new position: “I am eager to take on the challenge of using my knowledge of financial and technical project reporting for scientific research to support policy and optimise service provision.”

Some facts and figures

Griet graduated as Industrial Engineer in Industrial Chemistry in Ghent. During her career , she gained further experience in analytical chemistry, polymer research and circular economy as R&D Chemical analyst, Information and subvention officer and Program expert Circular Economy. Since 1 April 2021 she is ready to fully deploy her experience and expertise within SIM.

Questions for Griet? You can reach her by mail at or by phone at 0484/45.96.65.