EIT RawMaterials Booster and Accelerator calls 2022 open for Start-ups and SMEs

EIT RawMaterials calls

You are an entrepreneurial innovator in raw materials that could benefit from funding? SIM wants to share some relevant funding information on 2 EIT RawMaterials calls:

EIT RawMaterials recently launched 2 calls to find promising Start-ups and SMEs that have the potential to deliver impact in the raw materials sector, and who need support (funding, coaching and network) to develop their innovations, their business cases and ultimately a helping hand with successful market introduction. Good to know: EIT RawMaterials offers ‘smart funding’ meaning that, aside from funding, they offer business coaching, experts in various disciplines and a network of over 400 members of EIT RawMaterials being Europe’s leading organizations in Industry, Research and Higher education, as well as a network in seed and venture capital. More about EIT RawMaterials can be found here.

The following calls are now open for application:

  • RM Accelerator program (phase 1) 

The Accelerator program is a tailored 3-phases program for start-up teams dedicated to introducing impact innovations (products and/or services) in the raw materials sector. Phase 1 is a 3-month program and is about building proof of concept for the business model in the targeted raw materials market segments. It starts with ideas at TRL 4-6 and aims to find a market niche, to develop a financial model and to build a business model. Selected Start-ups will receive 10K EUR funding to cover the costs for participating in phase 1 of Accelerator. The Accelerator call is open all year long with 2 cut-off dates for application, is open for Start-ups and the next deadline for applications is set on 8 April 2022.

Start-ups (not for SME’s) interested in the RM Accelerator program can apply here.

Start-up teams graduating from phase 1 can then apply to the next phase of the program and get additional support from EIT RawMaterials to establish a viable business model, a commercial strategy and validate/ test their offering with launching customers (phase 2: duration 6 months) and eventually build their investment case, find enabling partners and scale their business (phase 3: duration 9 months). Start-ups selected for both phase 2 and phase 3 will receive up to 80K EUR funding.

  • RM Booster program

The Booster program is tailored to support mature Start-ups and SME’s who need to achieve a pivotal milestone first to be able to move forward and introduce impact innovations in the raw materials sector. Thanks to this program, we have been able to support more than 200 start-ups in Europe, who in turn have demonstrated to be able to deliver significant impacts in the sector by: launching innovative products and services in the market, creating new jobs, attracting significant growth capital and by rapidly scaling their businesses. The booster call is open all year long with 3 cut-off dates for proposal submission (funding up to 200K EUR), is open for both Start-ups and SME’s and the next deadline for application is set on 8 April 2022. 

Start-ups and SMEs interested in the Booster program can apply here.