Ira-SME call

29th Ira-SME call now open

The 29th Ira-SME call is open. Project proposals can be submitted until 30 March 2022; the call for proposals closes at 12 noon (CET). Ira-SME strengthens the competitiveness of European SMEs. Flanders is participating in this call.

VSC Lunch Session on AI

Take part in VSC Lunch Session on AI

The Flemish Supercomputer Center is launching Lunch Sessions. These two-hour online sessions are scheduled during the lunch break and include two use cases followed by a presentation on the topic at hand by VSC, plus a Q&A.

SIMBA project

Discover our new SIM program “SIMBA”

SIM has set up a new program on sustainability for batteries. As climate change is no longer a far-off phenomenon, we need to act now. That is exactly what the SIM SIMBA Program intends to do: increase the impact in terms of energy transition and climate goals.

GREENER workshop

Take part in the GREENER workshop

On October 4th, 2021, several companies, public and private knowledge institutions will organise the workshop GREENER. The event takes place online via Zoom from 1 PM to 5 PM. The GREENER project wants to contribute to a reduction of the microplastics pollution.

32nd cornet call

32nd Cornet Call now open

Since 8 July 2021, the 32nd CORNET call is open. Project proposals can be submitted until 29 September 2021; the call for proposals closes at 12 noon (CET). Only completed proposals including all annexes and submitted within the set deadline via the Submission Tool will be evaluated.

VSC Cloud Launch Event

Take part in VSC Cloud Event

On May 20th, 2021, the Flemish Supercomputer Center will organise a webinar to present their new Tier-1 Cloud component. During the event, the features and possibilities of the new component will be highlighted, along with practical information on how to apply.