35th Cornet Call now open

33rd cornet call

Submissions can be made until 29 March 2023

The 35th CORNET call is open. Project proposals can be submitted until 29 March 2023; the call for proposals closes at 12 noon (CET). Only completed proposals including all annexes and submitted within the set deadline via the online CORNET Submission Tool will be evaluated.

CORNET, in full COllective Research NETwork, is a European cooperation between programs on collective research, in which global international project proposals are submitted from a consortium with at least partners from two participating countries or regions. Within a CORNET project, collective research is carried out and knowledge is disseminated by a consortium, in which non-R&D-intensive SMEs can also participate (via a steering group). More information on CORNET can be found on this webpage.

How can you participate?

The participating countries and regions in this CORNET call are Germany, Austria, Flanders, Wallonia, Poland, Canada-Québec, Switzerland, Turkey, Peru, Taiwan, Czech Republic, and Brazil. There are no thematic restrictions. The international CORNET application (in English) is submitted via the CORNET secretariat, see information at www.cornet.online. The Flemish annex to the CORNET application is submitted via the VLAIO online portal by 29 March 2023 at 12.00.

Interested? More information on participation in the program and the program itself can be found here or at https://cornet.online/.  

Questions? The contact person for CORNET is Ria Bruynseels.