The SIM Open Call 2022 is open for project proposals fitting within the framework of any approved and/or running vertical SIM Program and for projects that contribute to material related solutions for societal challenges.

  • For projects fitting within the framework of a running SIM program, the outcome of the program related project should directly contribute to the objectives and roadmap of the Program. The fit of the project proposal within the Program roadmap has to be assessed and the Program Management has to agree with the project idea. Project ideas building on the outcome of program related projects can also be funded without actually be part of the program itself. Contact us for more info.
  • Project ideas related to societal challenges can be supported by SIM directly or from the Intercluster budget portfolio. Contact us for more info.

Please inform SIM of the project idea before starting to work out any detailed proposal. This will enable the SIM team to guide you through the total procedure which will be followed up by SIM in more detail than previously.

Please be aware that throughput time of proposals is dependent on the project type (and budget). Those consortia that want to make sure their project is funded on the 2022 budget are recommended to announce the project idea before 1 May 2022 so that the project can be filed in time.

We cannot guarantee that projects filed at SIM later than 1 September 2022 will be decided before the end of 2022.

For any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us on