Additive manufacturing (AM), often called “3D printing”, joins materials to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer.

AM is a fast growing sector with Flemish industrial players that are worldwide leading in AM processes and applications. International roadmaps agree that capturing the full benefit of AM and overcoming current barriers to breakthrough on a large scale requires a more in-depth understanding of the materials, the processes, the machines, the designs and the software.

The STREAM program aims to tackle a number of these barriers by building up understanding of:

  • Materials: screening methodologies, design and production of dedicated AM materials, enlarging the AM material palette for both polymers and metals, etc.
  • Processing and end product properties: increased density, consistent properties throughout the parts, decreased cost of production, recyclability, etc.

The STREAM consortium consists of industrial players from different segments of the value chain:

  • Material producer: Dakota
  • Process: Materialise, LayerWise
  • Software and design: Materialise
  • Post-processing and functionalisation: EPSI, Devan Chemicals
  • End-user: V!GO

To strengthen and support the industrial consortium, all relevant knowledge centers in Flanders with scientific and technological expertise concerning Additive Manufacturing and/or post-processing are combined in the STREAM consortium:

  • KULeuven: PMA (Production engineering, Machine design and Automation), SMART (Soft Matter, Rheology and Technology) and PCM (Polymer Chemistry and Materials)
  • UGent: Polymer Chemistry Research group
  • Sirris
  • VITO
  • Centexbel


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Name Start date Duration Status
WAVE (ICON) 01/09/2015 24 months Ended
FLAMINCO (ICON) 01/10/2017 36 months Running
Polyforce (SBO) 01/07/2013 48 months Ended
Prodensia (ICON) 01/04/2013 36 months Ended
Expamet (ICON) 01/07/2013 24 months Ended
A_STREAM_AFO (ICON) 01/12/2014 42 months Running

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