Calls for Proposals

SIM Open Call - Call for Projects within ongoing vertical SIM Programs, is still OPEN. This is an OPEN Call in 2019. Submit your proposal any time before 13/09/2019 (so it can be evaluated this year). For more information: see SIM Open Call 2019.
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EIT Raw Materials Booster Call 2019 Project call

15/03/2019 - Closing in -39d 9h

ERA-MIN2 Project call

31/01/2019 - Closing in -82d 9h

Ira-SME oproep Project call

27/03/2019 - Closing in -27d 9h

BEL-SME Oproep Project call

29/03/2019 - Closing in -25d 9h

SIM Open Call 2019 Project call

13/09/2019 - Closing in 143d 8h